Welcome to The Boot!

The Boot is a new dining experience that emphasizes modern flavors and exceptional hospitality. Our menu is made fresh and simple with healthy options and quality ingredients. At The Boot you will instantly feel at home while you casually dine in a cool, comfortable atmosphere.

This Boot was a lone house of public entertainment... several people drinking there, and great merriment going on.
— Charles Dickens

The Fast Casual Experience...

"[Fast Casual is] a restaurant that serves food over the counter (no table service) but at a higher quality and price point to fast food."  – Dan Houghton - Co-founder & director, Chilango

 "[Guests] just want good food, great service and comfortable surroundings to enjoy their meal. Our customers want [a] pleasant dining experience that fits their current circumstances. It could be fast food for lunch, fine dining for special occasions---or sometimes---something a little in between. They are looking for an eating out experience that will provide all of above underlined items with reasonable prices and in total, are a value with a big V."  – Tom Dentice, chief fry guy, Tom & Eddie’s